Paper sculpture, with cigarette ends
J Sin (Hong Kong)
August 2017

Paper— the thin slices of our trees, the container of our thoughts and knowledge. Its role might be diminishing in our days, where we rather rub our fingerprint off the glowing screens. Nevertheless, it would be replaceable, as long as the faint sound of flipping a page of a book resounds cozily in our heads.

During J’s residency, we have invited visitors to collect ciggerate in their neighbourhood: on the street, from the rubbish bin, from restaurant and bars, everywhere. Participants took part in exploring this delicate craft over a weekend with J Sin, our visiting artist from Hong Kong, making paper at the Prenzlauer Studio/ Kunst Kollektiv.

“I hope, through this workshop, to introduce this historical craft and to share my own experiments on papermaking. How I want to trigger thoughts and ideas on the endless possibility of it. How could we collect abandoned waste as source of material."

“I have incorporated cigarette ends and other objects into my paper-making works. I believe this craft has an endless array of possibilities on design and creation.”

“Living in Hong Kong, being flooded by tsunami of information everyday, each competing to grab viewers' attention every second. Leaflets, posters, newspapers, flyers, printed advertising medium are made far more then they're expected to be used, creating huge waste from the excess just to be thrown away. Is there really a necessity to this debris of advertising? As an answer to this, I collected different sorts of thrown-away printed matters from Hong Kong, disseminated them so the messages on them would be away. Then, the ephemeral material is moulded to recompose different texture of a new sheet of paper.”

- J

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