The Dematerialsation of Marked
Sandra Burek, Norway

The dematerialization of marked is a solo show proposal rooted in a subjective expression of memory and language Burek's art invite you to take initiative and explore these concepts. She seeks to create a visual representation of memory.
Sandra describes the process of memorizing as an algorithm, where the outcome is often probable and approximate. An algorithm can be implemented in the process of memorizing as a connection of networks, where memory becomes a motion of awareness and concentration. In Burek work, she makes a subjective attempt to illustrate the process of memorizing in abstract drawings and paintings.
The concept of memory and time passing is a common denominator in Burek's work. Her art shows her attempt at visualizing how the passing of time and the impact of nature, affect the circumstances and appearance of an object. Where the object becomes a visual representation of memory and history, of culture, economy and language. She shows how drawing or sculpture can be a tool to express self-knowledge of the world, and of your own individual experience.
Sandra Burek

Burek produces a variety of works between sculptural objects, artist’s books, drawings and paintings, recently researching programming and experimenting with sound. Burek’s work to seeks to determine visual representations of memory and logic of language. Her research is based on resignation of the presentation of memory itself by reducing it to a simple form. In an artist, assumption memory is comprehended as a motion of awareness and concentration, the language itself no longer exists as a figuration of world or signature stamp upon things, it is context and temporality which create the existential condition of Sandra Burek’s work.
Artist bases her research in a comprehensive investigation of both historical as well as contemporary artists, thinkers and philosophers.

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