the living room project

Nov 2018

77 steps of stairs,
Click click,
Clock clock and lock
The cat sends me her
greeting as if
She’s saying : Welcome, welcome.
How was your day, human?
Furnitures and pictures,
objects, lyrics
Morning... Public

The Living Room Project is a work-in-progress art project that involves different initiatives, artists, designers and neighbours living and working on site at Prenzlauer Studio for 30 days. The project is born from Prenzlauer Studios constant dedication in involving the direct local community into the studio space. Rather than focusing on artist production by itself, artist Alice Kahei Yu sees the visitors - everyone as a crucial part of any event or space. The project Living Room is born from that interest and thrives from an intense and varied set of events and gatherings to take part during the whole calendar month of November 2018 with artist resident Daryl Hooper while she will be weaving and knitting at the studio.

The communal area of Prenzlauer Studio becomes the neighbourhood living room, open throughout the day, allowing visitors to come and engage with whoever is in the space - there are no social or organisational hierarchies, conversation as a constant for sharing stories, knowledge and ideas. Alice Yu, crochet artist Daryl Hooper and different initiatives will be residing in the space during the whole November.

The living room is alive with different events - nearly everyday - such as Awkward Dinner, Crochet Workshop, Embroidery Workshop, Documentary screenings, Living Room Concerts, Tofu Week with tofu making workshop, Yoga Morning,Thai Massage Therapy 101, endless cooking and food, human, animals…. etc.

In collaboration with :

Nina Lund Westerdahl @ Cultual Protocols
The Real Junk Food Project: Berlin
Hiedra ( instagram : @__hiedra__)
Daryl Hooper ( Artist Resident )
Orange Terry (Tofu Week)
Yoko Fukatsu (Yoga Morning, Thai Massage Therapy 101)
Hartyáni Gábor (Living Room Concert, Cellist)
Sasha Pushkin (Living Room Concert, Pianist)
Guilherme Rodrigues (Living Room Concert, Cellist)
Elisa Winograd (
Alexandra Kinter