Window Project//


The world seems more fractured than ever. The past year has made global and local inequalities and divides more visible: the privileged still enjoy their privileges, while crises of economies, environments, mental health, political supression and violence are exacerbated within the shadow of the pandemic. How does art position itself under these contexts when artists find themselves in a position of both (/either) privilege and precarity?

The Window Project presents biweekly solo-exhibitions of twenty-one artists from Berlin and elsewhere. With a year-long exhibition program, it offers a transcultural and transmedial approach to the intersecting issues of mental health, dislocation, politics, and artist positions within the frames of inequality and fracture. As we adjust and adapt to art within new contexts, the Window Project invites its neighbours and passersby to safely interact with the works presented through the windows.

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Winsstr.42 10405 Berlin