Alia Zapparova


Alia Zapparova is interested in practices of unlearning and undoing; in refusals and opacities; in exploring dislocations between language, space and belonging through attention to the minor and the everyday. Zapparova's work is a search for poetics of transformation. It looks for transitional moments where various forms of doing nothing, non-productivity and failing to make sense become openings onto new possibilities of seeing and listening.

Zapparova seeks to respond to the worlds lost and found through such small, insignificant gestures and to articulate them in constellations of images and words, as handmade books, small-scale installations and performative readings.

Zapparova describes herself as an artist and writer based in Berlin with a history of migration. Her work searches for poetics of transformation in the everyday. She felt drawn to join the Window Project // Fensterprojekt because of its focus on mental health and dislocation in physical, social and inner spaces. The artist situates her work in a context where identity is always questionable and questioned. The work that she contributed to the Window Project explore these reflections on identity through engaging with the complexities of a dislocated relationship to language and home.

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