Maximilian Schröder


Maximilian Schröder investigates the non/compliance of the individual within contemporary society through sculpture, installation and photography. Against the backdrop of a society fueled by narratives of performance and optimisation, personal acts of intimacy, tenderness, fear and vulnerability are presented as involuntary acts of subver-sion. Schröder's practice thus circulates from the collective to the individual, from personal to social processes, and back again, as he questions the emergence of meaning, norms, and their effect on the individual.

Maximilian Schröder is a recent graduate of the Berlin's Universität der Künste. In his artistic practice, he is interested in personal conceptual and intuitive explorations of intimacy and emotions that are in tension with societal expectations. He mostly works in sculpture, installation and photography. For the Window Project // Fensterprojekt, Schröder brings his art into a familiar neighbourhood. From an artistic viewpoint, he reflects on the calmness of the area despite being located in the centre of Berlin. To take his artworks out of a museum or gallery space and onto street level, to include it into the routines of passer-by gazing into windows, reflects the tensions between intimate and public that are woven into his works.

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