Melanie Jordan

A haptic practice with thread-based crafts at its core, Melanie’s artwork pays attention to the inner tension between the need to nurture and a feeling of entrapment associated with motherhood; that is maternal ambivalence. Her personal perspective is of a mother of an adult with learning difficulties, where the mother-child relationship becomes trapped in a dependent phase. Repetitive conversations form a considerable part of the interactions with her adult son. Within these intense exchanges are brief pauses in the flow of words that are relished. She has been considering her own thoughts to fill these ‘slivers of silence’ and stitching them into ribbons of words.
Melanie Jordan lives in Kent in the south of England. She trained and worked as a primary teacher, before motherhood took over and she spent time raising her family. She returned to work as a teaching assistant and supply teacher part time, before taking the plunge and embarking on an access course in art and design at UCA Canterbury, Kent. She hasn’t looked back since, gaining a BA, followed by an MA in Fine Art, and aims to continue her research having been accepted to study for a PHD.

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