Warm Welcome or Entry Denied, Francesco Gioacchini

28.05 - 06.06.2021

As we excitedly prepare ourselves for the opening of cultural spaces in Berlin and and fill their impfausweis with stamps, many borders remain closed and freedom of movement remains somewhat restricted - for some this is more true than for others.

Artist Francesco Gioacchini questions the freedom of movement and how this is affected by one's nationality, as he traverses the borders of identity and difference for the Window Project //Fensterprojekt.

Warm Welcome or Entry Denied - where the European citizen needs only a valid identification card and a boarding pass to cross borders, others may run into more difficult barri-ers. As Gioacchini's ID #2, Non-Priority #2 and A Warm Welcome (2021) encapsulate the ease of movement of those born under the European flag, his 2018 work Sissily positions the national emblem as an obstacle instead - reacting directly to Trump's so-called "Travel Ban" on seven predominantly Muslim countries in 2018. By presenting these works together yet divided in the two windows of Prenzlauer Studio, a contradictory tension emerges as Gioac-chini questions the meaning of citizenship, borders, and what it means to recognise oneself in a flag.

Francesco Gioacchini is an Italian visual artist bised in Berlin. Moving between drawing, painting, and installation, his works address the concept of boundaries between the self and the other, inclusion and exclusion, past and present. Starting from references linked to contemporary culture, politics, and memory, he carries on a visual research made of collisions of meanings and media. Flags, clothes, daily objects, words, and texts are some of his references and fields of exploration. With a meta-painting approach, he focuses on the aesthetics of opposites to create a language where dual elements can look at each other and merge.

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