Diana Walsh & Corinna D’Schoto
August 2019

[still shots of video-recorded performance]

‘heir’ was a performance installation exploring public:private space, intimacy, and modes of story-telling. We used an old storefront we as both our studio and our bedroom, making our most private moments completely accessible. Using cardboard, we made symbols of a more domestic space — combining elements from our own bedrooms back home in Boston. We made our own paper using discarded paper we found (old posters on the street) or were given as tourists (maps, receipts). With this paper we made books, to record our experience in the storefront, our memories of our own bedrooms, stories of intimacy and stories of performance. During the last 24 hours of the residency we recorded ourselves deconstructing our books, and organising all other left over paper we had accrued (wrappers, receipts, brochures). We wove a web of connection points between the objects and parts of the room that were reflected in our stories, attaching to the string the stories and other evidence of our having been in the space. The result was a non-linear story that one needed to contort their bodies to navigate, a story for the space itself more than the visitor.

Diana Walsh & Corinna D’Schoto, who have been working together for over 6 years. Based in Boston, each of us have individual studio practices, in addition to our collaborative practice, which have proven to be very fruitful supplements to each other. Typically, we work in painting, sculpture & installation, investigating class dynamics & gender identity. One of us has been particularly invested in papermaking & papercasting, while the other is particularly invested in staging & prop-making. We are especially interested in how these topics are informed by the differences between individual, familial & cultural memory — writing, folklore & storytelling are integral parts of our creative process. Time based media like bookmaking & projection have helped us to investigate the use of directed narrative in visual art.

Combined, we have received awards such as the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Boston Opportunity Fund Grant, Assets for Artists Match Funding, Constantin Alajalov Scholarship & Boston University’s SVA scholarship. Residencies include Vermont Studio Center, neo:artists in Bolton, England, PILOTENKUECHE in Leipzig, Germany, & as resident curators in pop-ups in the greater Boston area. Collectively, we have shown in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., the United Kingdom & Germany.

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