life drawing session

A little drawing community in our studio with talented and professional models, meeting different drawers in this city, with homemade soups, snacks, music and love!

Life drawing sessions in Prenzlauer studio becomes the most important platform for us to meet each other every week, not just only share the experience together, but also an important bonding between us! We are looking forward to meet more and more people in this event. 
Date: very Tuesday
Time: 19:15- 21:30
Fee: 12 Euro (student : 8 euro)


Door opens at 19:00, for late comers you can just knock the door and we will let you in.

Ground floor

currently we are not having the weekly drawing session due to the COVID-19, however, we are having pop-up session on Saturday occasionaly, susbribe our newsletter to receive updated infomation.

Contact us
Winsstr.42 10405 Berlin