The Living Room Project
2018 Nov

The Living Room Project is a work-in-progress art project that involves different initiatives, artists, designers and neighbours living and working on site at Prenzlauer Studio for 30 days. The project was based on the studio’s wish to experiment with different ways of opening up the studio space to its surroundings and the local communities. We invited various artists to play with the space in workshops, performances, readings, screenings and other art and cultural events, focussing on historical and contemporary practise of care and home-making. The white walls of the studio were painted in a welcoming red; couches, carpets and blankets filled up the rooms. The project included community cooking and crocheting sessions. Participants could learn how to make tofu or experiment with meditation. Artist-in-residence Daryl Hooper weaved and knitted in the studio, inviting visitors to join, chat, share. Rather than the artistic production, we centred the work-in-progress project on the visitors, who could drop by and stay, watch and try out, leave and come back. The communal area of Prenzlauer Studio became the neighbourhood living room. Visitors could come and engage with whoever was in the space - leaving aside social or organisational hierarchies. Through conversation and communal creation, new stories, knowledge and ideas were woven from inside the studio space to the outside and back again.

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