Caressing Oceans, Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard

“The waves are like my fingers; a slow caressing movement; carving of a body,”

Caressing Oceans traces the rhythm and movements found in stillness. It departs from the surface – of skins and coastlines – and maps how these are touched by changing environments, leading to erosion and decay. Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard started her artistic research in Iceland, after noticing how harsh elemental factors influenced not only paint to fall plain off facades but also worsened the artist's inherited skin condition. Today, the work is situated on the southern Swedish coast as Caressing Oceans explores the movements of growing and retracting coast lines in comparison to cycles of the skin – showing how even the most solid surfaces crack under rhythmic touch.

Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard (1991) is a visual artist based in Malmö, Sweden. Her work is situated in the materials and places we surround us with. She is interested in the memories these places and objects carry and how they shape ourselves and our societies.


Winsstr.42 10405 Berlin