Space Between (Exhibition on the Line) Lucie Jestrabikova



The series of soft sculptures presented by Jestrabiková, Space Between (Exhibition on the Line), are based on Jestrabikovás memories of her childhood toys. From wooden blocks, painted in primary colours, ghostly figures emerge as they invite viewers and visitors to interact - or rather play - with them. Letting one's imagination run free, the textile shapes can take many forms: of ghosts hiding behind sheets, bloodsuckers, elephants, secret tunnels, and imaginary friends. Like children's toys, Jestrabikov's sculptures are presented not as simple objects, but encompass an array of stories and possibilities. The textile tunnels invite one to enter these environments, to explore new habitats, and to embody the spaces between.

Lucie Jestrabiková is an artist who always stays on the borders. Based in Czech and currently residing in Mannheim, Jestrabikova has worked in Taiwan, Prague and Pilsen. Using materials as her storytellers, Jestrabiková transfers and transforms perspectives from one side to the other. Jestrabikovás works also reside on the borders - not paintings, objects, installations, texts, or sound objects - but meeting somewhere in the middle. Together with Zuzana Stefkova and Hana Magdonova, Jestrabikova founded the art group Gravidity. Inspired by new materialism, they deal with bodily positions in the environment.

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