Sofiia Yesakova
11 - 20.2.2022

In her works, Sofiia Yesakova deals with questions of globalization and ecology. She uses artistic and research practices to navigate the radical conditions of the Anthropocene in order to rethink the relationship and definitions of humans and nature.

Yesakova’s work Parasites links overpopulation, consumerism and the exploitation of natural resources. Steel beams, fragments of which are depicted by the artist, are the basis of our post-industrial world. In their artificial, austere beauty, Parasites is an attempt to stop for a moment the relentless movement of capitalist construction.

Heteronomy of Freedom questions the concept of freedom as a core element of modern culture. Rather than a singular definition of freedom, the work proposes to think of the multiple appropriations and meanings of freedom in different political, economic, ideological and social contexts.


Winsstr.42 10405 Berlin